About Astera Solutions

About Astera Solutions

Astera Solutions was born out of outstanding engineering competence. Our lab machines are the most technically advanced and efficient in the world. Through our deep and on-going cooperation with leading universities and oil & gas companies, we have perfected our suite of laboratory equipment. Our technical solutions are fit-for-purpose and fulfill your most demanding requirements.  We are a customer-centric technology company on a path to transform the way the world prepares thin samples.


About our Technology 

Astera Solutions' product line is uniquely tailored to rapidly deliver easy-to-prepare, accurate, consistent and high-quality thin samples. Innovative solutions designed to fullfill clients' needs are the basis for Astera's products. For more information see Why Astera?.



The Astera success story started in 1994, when the first grinding machine was designed and built to improve existing techniques. A precise and rapid process to grind thin sections without the use of abrasive paste was successfully introduced in cooperation with Statoil. At the time, Astera Solutions was a group within Artech Engineering, which has its roots in Norway and has traditionally had close ties to the oil & gas industry.


Building on enthusiastic feedback from the introduction of the first grinding machine, an entire product range for superior thin section analysis was developed. Our clients’ inputs and suggestions were the foundation for our development efforts and the proven solutions we offer today. They allow Astera to offer cutting-edge technology that shortens thin sections preparation time, while increasing the quality and consistency of processed samples.


Faced with increasing customer demand, Artech Engineering spun-off the thin section solution business into a new company, Astera Solutions, to better serve the firm’s global customer base. Astera Solutions will continue to work hand-in-hand with our valued customers in order to become the global leader for high accuracy thin section preparation.