A unique family, multiple applications.

Astera Products are suitable for a variety of applications. We ensure a consistent quality that meets all your needs and requirements.

Astera creates the perfect conditions for your lab to obtain top quality analysis while reducing your running costs and improving your productivity.

Unlike many others, the Astera equipment is aimed at multiple industries: oil & gas, mining, universities, research and laboratories, engineering and construction, and other special applications. We ensure outstanding, consistent quality.


Geological research

Geological samples are often analyzed under electronic microscopes to see the exact structure and composition of the thin section sample. The thin section samples are also sometimes covered by a second glass plate. The above means the sample quality has to be excellent without any scratches or residues from the preparation process. In all cases the samples has to be polished to secure the analysis precision.

Astera preparation process is using only water without any additives during different process steps from cutting to polishing. In water sensitive cases the alternative for water is pure silicone oil. This means the thin sections are clean of any residues.

The fact the finalization of the samples including grinding and polishing are realized with the same set up means the samples are precise, extremely flat and equal high quality. Due to different grinding and polishing head qualities the required thin section surface quality can be optimized by sample type.