±1µm, abrasive-free


Astera Grinding Machine GRN40

The GRN40 offers ±1µm abrasive-free grinding with fast automatic processing, ensuring high quality and very fast processing for the thin sections.

High precision is of utmost importance to ensure robust thin section analysis. Astera Solutions provides best in class precision of ±1 µm through our breakthrough machine design.

Since no abrasive is needed, your thin sections remain clean and don’t necessarily need to be lapped. You will notice a distinct quality improvement from day 1, easing the thin section analysis.

With up to 40 samples per batch (1" x 2") and fast and automatic processing, the GRN40 offers truly outstanding performance. The two spindles allow to use different grinding wheels. It allows a faster and more precise processing, while the color touch screen interface ensures constant control over the process.

Standard sample size

Other sample sizes

Cycle time per batch



Spindle speed

Stroke z-axis

Grinding cup wheel





Power supply


Vacuum system
In-line measuring system

Remote support

40 samples

1"x 2"
2"x 3" and 2"x 4"


+-0.001 mm

0-1600 rpm, adjustable


140 / 400 / 1500

Stand alone

1200 x 800 x 2060 mm

1200 kg

3P 400V -N 50Hz




Web connection

Accessories & Options

Other grinding cup wheel   (140, 800, 2500)

Polishing wheel


Circulation system for silicon oil and water


Other sample size on request