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Astera Solutions announces successful GRN 16 delivery to Sonatrach

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Astera Solutions is proud to announce the successful delivery and installation of its top-of-the line GRN 16 thin section grinding machine to Sonatrach, Algeria’s largest oil company. The GRN 16 offers superior sample grinding to +/- 1 μm enabling outstanding thin section analysis of petrographic samples. At the same time, the automated capacity to prepare 16 samples simultaneously to this level of accuracy enables a vastly increased number of samples while minimizing required operator skills and training. 

The sale of our highest throughput machine to Sonatrach confirms the superiority of our thin section sample preparation equipment for oil & gas petrographic analysis. Sonatrach thereby joins a growing number of leading oil companies including Statoil, Petronas, Petrobras and Weatherford that have embraced our high-performance test equipment

- Jouni Heinonen, CEO

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