The Astera Solution

Astera Solutions is actively developing analysis tools to increase the productivity in Geology laboratories. Before Astera's thin section equipment was available, the sample quality was insufficient to introduce automatic analysis tools. There were multiple problems with the thin sections samples, including thickness variation, residues of the preparation additives and poor surface quality. With Astera equipment these problems are solved.

Image by Yassine Khalfalli

Astera 3DM

Astera TSM

Astera Solutions has a roadmap to introduce several analysis tools in the future. The first tool has been developed with Turku University to model geological samples in 3D. The method is based on a slicing method: the sample is photographed systematically after every predefined grinding step. As the microscopic camera is integrated to the grinder, the process is fully automatic. The data is collected to a separate computer and a true 3D model of the sample is generated offline. The method offers an effective and precise 3D modeling of geological samples for the use of mineralogy, construction and other applications.

The next product in the analysis tool family will be the thin section analysis tool. This development will start from the beginning of the next year and the products will be available at the beginning of 2022.