Why select Astera?

Our constant development and relentless efforts to satisfy client's needs allow us to deliver the best thin section preparation solutions available today.
Kalium Hydroxide PPL
Kalium Hydroxide PPL

Granite PPL
Granite PPL

Kalium Hydroxide PPL
Kalium Hydroxide PPL


High precision pre-ground glass slides ensure the highest thin section accuracy from the beginning. Astera's cutting machine with its Rockstraigth™ technology allows an even cut without material strain. Our automatic grinding machine, with its innovative design and in-line measurement system, allows you to get consistent µ-accuracy and create astonishing thin samples.

Sample quality

​Bubble-free impregnation ensures the necessary mechanical strength even for the most porous materials, without compromising their original molecular structure. The absence of wet abrasives in the grinding process enables the highest quality thin section imaging available and great insights.

High efficiency in analysis

The constantly high sample quality offers the possibility to automate the analysis of the samples. Also completely new analysis methods, like the 3D analysis, can be used. Astera Solutions is continuously working to move technology forward based on evenly high sample quality. 


The absence of wet abrasive consumables and automatic calibration means many years of maintenance-free use. Grinding machines are available with on-line connections for remote support, meaning more up-time, less frustration and a lower total cost of ownership. Finally, Astera's rock solid construction offers durability and reliability over time.


Efficient processing

Starting with our pre-ground precision glass slides that eliminate the need for tedious in-house slide grinding, Astera focuses on delivering an end-to-end solution which increases your productivity. Our cutting machine prevents bending and thus allows accurate sample preparation down to 250µm thus saving lengthy grinding time. Automated grinding delivers consistent, high quality samples while freeing your time to focus on sample quality and accurate assessment.


Previous thin section equipment - pore spaces contain large quantities of abrasive powder - the dark grains on the picture - thereby complicating analysis.

State-of-the-art Astera Solution - pore spaces are clear and evenly colored, allowing highest quality analysis.

High surface quality

Due to newly developed polishing process after the grinding a very high surface quality required for the geological samples is reached. The samples are kept on the grinding table and the grinding wheel is replaced by polishing wheel offering several different surface qualities. The intermediate will be clean water. This means the samples will be precise, clean on surface and even. 

Sample consistency

Automatic processing and calibration ensure unprecedented sample consistency and comparability. Astera's family of products are designed to work seamlessly together to deliver the highest quality and most consistent thin sections available today.