Astera Cutting
Machine CUT8

CUT8 is a precision saw to cut rock samples down to 0.1 – 0.5 mm. The machine produces thin, straight and flat samples ready to be grinded and polished to thin sections. The machine can accept two sizes of rock samples. The machine is normally only using water as cutting liquid and can be equipped with closed loop silicone system to handle water sensitive samples.

CUT8 uses RockstraightTM technology for ultimate sample straightness. As the samples are connected by vacuum to rotating table, the saw blade is cutting each sample once per turn. As result the saw blade is not bending and the sample cut stays straight and clean. The straightness means the sample thickness after saw can be kept thin to save the process time afterwards.

CUT8 is PLC controlled including all of the process controls and alarms. Operator safety has been one of the main design criteria. CUT8 can be connected to Internet for distance service via Astera grinder GRN16.

CUT8 is the ultimate machine to save time in thin section preparation.


  • High productivity
  • RockstraightTM technology
  • PLC controlled automatic operation
  • Adjustable sample thickness 0.1 … 0.5 mm
  • Sample thickness variation max +- 0.02 mm
  • CE label


  • Mounting on table
  • Spindle speed 0 – 1800 rpm, adjustable
  • Capacity 8 samples on 1”x2” glass plates or 4 samples on 2”x3” glass plate
  • Cutting disc diameter 215 mm
  • Weight 70 Kg
  • Dimensions 705 x 550 x 350 mm
  • Standard delivery with two saw blades
  • Vacuum pump included

Operator Interface

  • Touch screen
  • Manual sample thickness control
  • Internet connection via Astera GRN16


  • Silicone oil circulation system


  • Supply Voltage 230VAC 50 Hz
  • Safety circuit Safety locks on the door
  • Internet connection via Astera GRN16


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