Astera Thin Section Adhesive System GLU10

GLU10 is a multipurpose glue device to glue rock samples on laboratory glass plates. The device can be used for both heat and UV curing process. The curing by heat is the traditional method used in all laboratories worldwide. The new UV curing process is more rapid and curing takes place in room temperature. The process time is given by the glue used in either process.

The main requirement in glue process is to have an even, parallel, bubble free and strong bond in between the rock sample and the laboratory glass. To reach that both surfaces have to be clean and flat. On top of that rock samples have to be firmly pressed on the glasses and the energy delivery (heat or UV) has to be even and constant. GLU10is designed to guarantee constant force to the samples and have uniform heat or UV light on the samples from the bottom.

The device is user friendly,safe and easy to use. The device can be located to a laboratory table and therefore the operator has a free access to the device.


  • Hot plate below samples, adjustable temperature range
    40 …. 120 °C
  • UV curing below samples, frequency 240 – 365 nm
  • Adjustable tension individually on samples
  • CE label


  • Mounting: Stand alone on a laboratory table
  • Capacity: 10 samples, prepared on 1”x2” glass plates
  • Cover with UV protection


  • Supply Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
  • Timer and display
  • Safety switches
  • Temperature display

Operator Interface

  • Push buttons and potentiometers
  • User friendly access from front


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