Preparing the samples is one of the cornerstones in research of geology. Precision and repeatability are disrupting the thin section labs in the universities around the world and modern labs have capability for international research. In universities the researchers and students can now reach outstanding sample precision, flatness and cleanliness. Constant quality, precision and safety are the keys for successful research. Astera Solutions is transforming the way the world prepares thin samples.


Even when preparing samples from large variety of  minerals, there is no space for variety in the section quality. Constant quality enables successful analysis and saves time for more valuable work. Astera Solutions makes it possible to do constant samples, not only from different minerals, but also from concrete, thin polymer films, archeological samples, zirkonia samples, just to name a few. Universities around the world are exploring new opportunities that the Asteras machines are capable of.

Most of the thin sections are possible to prepare by only using water. We are happy to answer any questions, also related to the specific minerals you would like to prepare a thin section.

Arto Peltola
Laboratory Technician

"Astera products has helped a lot for us to do more international and respectable research. The sample quality is higher and more constant than ever. Versatility is very important, because of the huge diversity of sample materials and sample sizes."

Astera products for Universities

Astera Grinding Machine GRN16

GRN16 is the highest quality thin section machine on the market. GRN16 produces extremely thin, precise and clean thin sections with an outstanding productivity.

GRN16 is based on grinding process using normally just tap water. For water sensitive minerals the machine can be equipped with closed loop silicone oil system. No additives are needed to reach the result. The use of additives can damage the sample surface and make the analysis of thin section troublesome. No use of additives offers also lower operating cost in laboratory compared to traditional methods.

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Astera Cutting
Machine CUT8

CUT8 is a precision saw to cut rock samples down to 0.1 – 0.5 mm. The machine produces thin, straight and flat samples ready to be grinded and polished to thin sections. The machine can accept two sizes of rock samples. The machine is normally only using water as cutting liquid and can be equipped with closed loop silicone system to handle water sensitive samples.

CUT8 is the ultimate machine to save time in thin section preparation.

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Astera Impregnation Machine VAC12

VAC12 is an impregnation system to fill porous samples with epoxy resin. The main requirement in impregnation is to have epoxy resin filling all of the pores in the sample and make sure no bubbles are left inside resin. Both requirements are reached with very low and constant vacuum.

VAC12 has two vacuum chambers: resin vacuum reservoir on top of main chamber for epoxy resin to make sure the resin is bubble free before introducing the resin in the rock samples. The main chamber is for rock samples.

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Astera Thin Section Adhesive System GLU10

GLU10 is a multipurpose glue device to glue rock samples on laboratory glass plates. The device can be used for both heat and UV curing process. The curing by heat is the traditional method used in all laboratories worldwide.

The new UV curing process is more rapid and curing takes place in room temperature. The process time is given by the glue used in either process.

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