Astera Grinding
Machine GRN16

GRN16 is the highest quality thin section machine on the market. GRN16 produces extremely thin, precise and clean thin sections with an outstanding productivity.

GRN16 is based on grinding process using normally just tap water. For water sensitive minerals the machine can be equipped with closed loop silicone oil system. No additives are needed to reach the result. The use of additives can damage the sample surface and make the analysis of thin section troublesome. No use of additives offers also lower operating cost in laboratory compared to traditional methods.

As the sample quality from GRN16 is constant and ultimate quality, the sample analysis process could be automated. The automation of the analysis opens a completely new possibilities and could offer extreme productivity gain in laboratory.

GRN16 is a fully automatic grinder with PLC control. All of the processes and alarms are included in the software. The operators can generate recipies for different minerals to be memorized to the machine. The machine can be connected to Internet for service and trouble shooting from distance.

GRN16 can beequipped with a polishing system POL200. GRN16 can also be equipped withmicroscope or other analysis tool, if analysis is required during the grindingprocess.


  • High productivity
  • Minimum sample thickness 15 microns(depending on the sample quality)
  • Typical sample thickness variation +- 1 microns (depending on the sample quality)
  • Typical flatness over 28 x 48 mm sample 0,1 microns (depending on the sample quality)
  • Non additive contamination
  • Grinding and polishing in same machine
  • Siemens PLC controlled
  • Automated operation
  • Connection to Internet via Siemens Profinet
  • CE label

Sample sizes

  • All samples on separate glass plates
  • Glass plate size 28 x 48 mm: 16 samples
  • Glass plate size 25 x 75 mm: 8 samples
  • Glass plate size 50 x 75 mm: 4 samples


  • Mounting Stand alone on a robust laboratory table (stone table)
  • Spindle speed 0 – 1600 rpm, adjustable
  • Stroke z-axis 60 mm
  • Weight 275 Kg
  • Dimensions 710 x 650 x 775 mm
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Machine is delivered with three grinding wheels: 140, 400, 1500
  • Machine is delivered with three grinding wheel opening tools, one for each grinding wheel
  • Optional polishing equipment


Service Menu:
Automatic cup wheel opening and table redressing

Grinding Menu:
Automatic grinding process, customized recipes for different rock qualities

Polishing Menu:
Automatic polishing process with optional equipment

Vacuum Control:
In case vacuum is reduced, alarm and controlled ramp down

Water Level:
Water separator water levelalarm and ramp down in case too high level

3D slicing andanalysis software


  • Supply Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
  • Internal lightening LED lamp
  • Typical sample thickness variation +- 1 microns (depending on the sample quality)
  • Safety lock on door
  • Siemens PLC control
  • Siemens Profinet internet andcomputer connection
  • Microscope ready

Operator Interface

  • Touchscreen


Astera Thin Section Polishing System POL200

POL200 is a polishing plate to be connected to Astera Grinder GRN16. The polishing system has several replaceable polishing plates from grid size 0.1 micron up to several microns.The polishing plates are connected to the system by magnet to allow fast grid size change.

No additives are needed, the polishing liquid is tap water or alternatively silicone oil for water sensitive samples. To optimize the process the polishing plate is delivered with two additional weights, each 3 kg.



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