Astera Impregnation
Machine VAC12


VAC12 is an impregnation system to fill porous samples with epoxy resin. The main requirement in impregnation is to have epoxy resin filling all of the pores in the sample and make sure no bubbles are left inside resin. Both requirements are reached with very low and constant vacuum.

VAC12 has two vacuum chambers: resin vacuum reservoir on top of main chamber for epoxy resin to make sure the resin is bubble free before introducing the resin in the rock samples. The main chamber is for rock samples. The samples are in small plastic cups located in cup holders. The bubble free epoxy will flow in the cups and impregnates in the rock samples with help of lower vacuum in the main chamber. Operator will control process with a valve, rotates the cup holder plate and fills separately each cup with the bubble free epoxy.

Curving of the samples can be done in a separate laboratory oven not included in the delivery.


Standard sample size
Cycle time per batch

Power supply
Vacuum pump

12 samples
1"x 2"

505x 403 x 600 mm
230V 50 Hz


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