Bubble-free impregation

Astera Impregnation Machine VAC12

The VAC12 guarantees a bubble-free impregnation, allowing the most porous materials to be processed to high quality thin sections.


High precision is of utmost importance to ensure robust thin section analysis. To maximize quality in the sample preparation process, Astera Solutions offers the VAC12, an innovative impregnation machine. With a separated chamber for epoxy resin, the VAC12 allows for just-in-time mixing of the resin’s components, right when the samples reach the right vacuum pressure. That way, the idle time of the resin is kept to a minimum, ensuring a high fluidity and maximal impregnation.

With up to 12 samples per batch and fast, straightforward manual processing, the VAC12 offers top of the line performance in a compact desktop package.


Standard sample size

Other sample sizes

Cycle time per batch





Power supply


Vacuum system

12 samples

1"x 2"

Any up to 4” x 4”



Desktop model

505 x 403 x 600 mm

40 kg

230V 50Hz